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Digital Designer
S           cial Media Marketer

Welcome to my world of UX design and social media creativity! Here, I've curated a showcase of my best adventures in crafting seamless, user-friendly experiences and turning ideas into vibrant social media campaigns. It's all about making technology a joy to use and creating stories that connect. Come, join me in this journey of pixels, passion, and people! 


I am very interested & passionate about everything related to digital & web design. Over 6  years of experience in the creative industry, I have worked a lot with companies and freelancing alongside passionate people who want to solve problems through beautiful design and creative content.





In the bustling realm of student housing, making a lasting first impression is paramount. Wolverine Crossing, a vibrant student community, wanted to elevate their move-in week experience by creating an engaging, memorable design campaign. This case study dives into the meticulous planning, strategic design choices, and seamless execution that transformed move-in week into an exciting and cohesive journey for students. From concept ideation to final implementation, discover how innovative design strategies can bring a sense of warmth, excitement, and community to the initial steps of a student's academic journey.

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